A Profile On Phantom Black Cap.

The last to be born of a litter of 10 kittens found in a cardboard box up a back alley that lead to many back yards of many dark and dingy houses.  Black and White colouring with distinctive black mask stretching eye to eye up to ear to ear, fading slightly but neatly into the back of his head. Large and butch in statue, probably born of his upbringing as a member of one of the most fearsome fighting families known to cat kind; that being none other than the Meow Madons. He earnt his name Phantom Black Cap due to his innovative way of fighting. By sneaking up on his opponent and taking them by surprise he had the advantage over them and since learning this skill had never lost a fight. He had become the Achilles of the cat world!

It could be said he had a certain charm about him that mislead many vulnerable female felines to lose their fine lithe shapes and turn into binge eating rolly pollys, either due to him dumping them at short notice causing emotional compensational scoffing or because of natures way of reproducing!!

Whatever the case on Phantom, it could always be said he was a difficult character to get to know and few, if any, did actually know him! His loner lifestyle seemed to suit him well. It was as though he had one mission in life and that was to be a territorial fighter that had no room for emotional baggage in the form of romance or friends!

After fighting all his brothers in one go, he left the family bonds behind and made his own way travelling from place to place being picked up by kind people where he stayed for food and shelter until it was time for him to move on again. He never looked back or contacted any from his past including his 9 brothers. From time to time he was put in Pudwood Scrubs to do time for crimes against Feline Rights and theiving from OAPs (old aged pudeneers).

His Mother was rather plain-looking but had a strong pull on the opposite sex, hence knew the ropes as regards large litters! She had strong survivor instincts that was passed on to all her progeny.

His Father was unknown, but thought to be a big black un-friendly cat that was passing through the district one night.


About averyarts

self made artist,manageing director of averyarts. Strong animal rights supporter without the vindictive nasty attitude! Co creator of TABATINO Files.
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