A Profile On Catchem Mouse.

Found by the side of a very busy motorway road by kind passer bys’. Only 6 weeks old and very weak he was given to the nearest RSPCA hospital for attention.

After many weeks of nursing, he was rehomed to a young family who fell for his big sorrowful blue eyes.

For a while all was well and Catchem Mouse earnt his name by being a champion mouse catcher! The family having broken english would shout ” Hey dair boy, catch ’em mouse!” when a mouse was seen,  hence the name stuck as said! Catchem soaked up the praise he got and soon grew into a strong muscular black stealth mouse tracker.

Sadly this did not last, the family got caught up with long hours working for material things and became obsessed with sport in their spare time, to the point that Catchem was neglected and he had to resort to creeping into neighbours homes to cadge food from them or worse still, taking food from fellow pud puds dishes by sneaking in through their cat flaps!

This went on for some weeks until it was obvious his dear family no longer wanted him; they didn’t even notice when he bought in a champion catch the size of a rabbit! So Catchem decided to walk the streets, taking food where he could and eating his catches. Survival was tough and the longing for strokes and a warm place to sleep lay heavy in his heart.

One night in deep dark December as Catchem was pouncing on a large mouse he became aware that he was being watched. His first instinct was to puff up his hair and tail ready to defend himself – as that’s how it is on the streets–fight first ask questions later! However he was taken by surprise when a voice came back from the shadows in praise.. ” Nice catch, I couldn’t have done better myself!” Then out of the blackness came a fine good-looking Tabby,  in fact it was none other than the Tabby Tabatino. He moved like a cat who knew how to take care of himself as he walked a wide circle around Catchem, looking him up and down, then stopped slowly about 20 paws away in front of him. Catchem was still a little nervous of this “Dark Knight” in gleaming tabby apparel, so he continued to brace himself for a bounce up but he was taken aback again as Tabby spoke with a clear sincerity and said ” I could do with a cat like you to mind my new Club Bicardi Night Venue; I’d pay you well with in-house shelter and unlimited food/drink and entertainment if you’d be my bouncer, – just in case there’s trouble, if you know what I mean?”  Catchem Mouses expression changed so dramatically he forgot the mouse he was holding and it quickly bolted free, but like a streak of lightning Tabby had it in his paws which made Catchem’s jaw drop and his eyes nearly popped out of his head!

“Hey where did you learn to do that?” he asked Tabby Tabatino in a rather shaky shocked voice.  Tabby walked towards Catchem and handed him his catch “You come and work for me and I’ll teach you alot of things, we could be real good friends I reckon!.”

Catchem made the right decision and the rest is history….


About averyarts

self made artist,manageing director of averyarts. Strong animal rights supporter without the vindictive nasty attitude! Co creator of TABATINO Files.
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2 Responses to A Profile On Catchem Mouse.

  1. טיולים says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!


    • averyarts says:

      Thanks for comment and glad you liked the post. There are other short stories on and about the Tabatino Files that you might like to look at averyarts.wordpress.com and yes! the “fame” is growing! Happy reading, thanks again!


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