Attacker Exposed!

Tabatino files episode four.

As Tabatino lay stretched out in the baking heat of the conservatory recovering gracefully from the stacks of attention he had received from his owners and vet; he contemplated the evening before. Suddenly he felt a  tingle run through his whiskers as the realization struck him – his attacker was the new comer he had seen  talking to Catchem at the club. He was recalling the black-capped face of the offender, when he was distracted by a tap on the window; it was Pussy Galore at the conservatory door,  the lead singer for the Pussy Cat Tails – the finest  “puss rock” band  at Club Bicardi, and she looked desperate to talk to him. Tabatino jested toward the flap and Pussy shot in almost stumbling over herself as she spat out the news.

It appears that Pouchy Puss from 6 gardens up (approx 180 cat tails for those in the know ) had heard the fight and had called for Pud Pud Plod to investigate; Pouchy had been a bit worst for ware though and mistakenly directed Pud Pud back to the club where he managed to speak with Catchem. After some debate about the why and wherefores of the fight, a tracking order was put in place and it was confirmed by various Ferrel Bureau Investigators (FBI) that Tabatino had been attacked and the villain had been no less than the Phantom Black Cap from Pudwood Scrubs!

The worst was yet to come—- he only lived two doors up from Tabatino.


About averyarts

self made artist,manageing director of averyarts. Strong animal rights supporter without the vindictive nasty attitude! Co creator of TABATINO Files.
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