Trouble at the club.

Tabatino Files. Episode Three.

Earlier that night at Tabatino’s club Bacardi, there had been an incident. Tabatino had to ask Catchem Mouse, head of security, to intervene in an argument that was getting out of hand with a new member. As he was soothing the situation, Catchem  caught a look in the opponents eyes that had put him on his guard, then without warning the new comer  moved with lightning speed,  taking Catchem completely by surprise, he instinctively stepped to one side to counter the attack, but no one was there, the culprit was headed towards the exit.

On the other side of the club, Tabatino was being distracted by a group of  feline babes  but had managed to watch the closing moments of  Catchem being taken by surprise. What he saw troubled him, but before this thought could take hold he was distracted by one of the fems in the group.

The club was very busy, one of the best nights this season.


About averyarts

self made artist,manageing director of averyarts. Strong animal rights supporter without the vindictive nasty attitude! Co creator of TABATINO Files.
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