A Profile on Tabby Tabatino


Tabby with peachy/red hues; black feet and boots; striking green eyes; Errol Flynn moustache; champion hunter of all creatures; able to climb any tree or vertical object with great speed; can catch flying creatures in flight by leaping 5 or 6 feet into the air from standstill; cool and clever; agile lithe and sexy; highly attractive to opposite sex; highly successful, charismatic,  owner of Club Bicardi; loves speed, fast bikes and cars; live music and female company; very fond of owners.

His father, feral hunter, wildly attractive to opposite sex, untamable.

His mother, irresistably beautiful kind and wise.


About averyarts

self made artist,manageing director of averyarts. Strong animal rights supporter without the vindictive nasty attitude! Co creator of TABATINO Files.
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6 Responses to A Profile on Tabby Tabatino

  1. Kenia Getto says:

    Hello!, Quite curiosity angle, we were talking about the same thing at operate and discovered your web site pretty stimulating. So felt compelled to com?ment just a little thank you for all of your effort. Please maintain up the terrific operate your performing!


    • averyarts says:

      Thanks for your comments Kenia on the Tabby Tabatino profiles, good to know you’re enjoying the blog! Look out for more episodes to come in 2011.


  2. visible man says:

    that is Too great, when it comes in india hope it may make a Rocking location for youngster.. hope that
    come accurate.


  3. Hello. Wonderful job. I did not anticipate this on the Wednesday. This is a good story. Thanks!


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