Jian Ghomeshi’s Alleged Attacks

Power and Bias get in the way of every form of abuse. The justice system needs to be for everyone and accessible to all – rich and poor alike! Thanks for being open and frank.

J Solo in the City


Yesterday night I came face to face with my own bias, left with a deep sense of regret and shame. I consider myself an ardent supporter of women’s rights and being a survivor of sexual violence myself, one would think that I would have rushed to believe Jian Ghomeshi’s alleged victims to have been sexually assaulted. I didn’t. In fact, I doubted their credibility. And for this, I am ashamed.

When I read Jian Ghomeshi’s Facebook post, I sided with him, believing that this twenty something year old woman was in fact, as he described, “a jilted ex-girlfriend”. It is no secret that Jian is a powerful, wealthy, Canadian celebrity and I imagined a scorned ex-lover with an agenda to destroy his reputation. I pictured her as a beautiful model or a socialite, maybe someone who didn’t get her way and was now spewing defamatory material to get back at…

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