update on TABATINO Files

Tabatino Files will be in illustrated book form in the near future. Watch this space!

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update – coming soon..

A new series of Tabatino Files will be posted soon. Watch this space.

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New Tabatino Episodes for 2015

After alot of stress and abuse from this corrupt world system, that hates  anyone that can think outside the box; The new 2015 Tabatino Files are on their way! Watch this space!

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Unique Key…

Tabatino Files Episode 9 (continued from episode 7)

Tabatino examined the cat paw key with awe- it looked almost as good as the bike!

“Only one of the diamonds will start the bike, so you have to put the key in correctly or the bike will swallow it up for good!” said Rossi “ there is a hologram cats face on this side which you can see by holding the key at an angle – it should always be looking up at you!” As Tabby  carefully put the unique key into the ignition it immediately blended into the  tank making it a seamless fit. At the same time the face lit up neon blue and  the diamond separated into two green eyes – just like Tabatinos! The machine started to vibrate then there was an almighty roar as the 4 exhausts exploded  into voice …WOW!! Tabby was nearly blown away by the force… What a piece of kit!!!

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The Bossa Blue Cats ( extended)

Tabatino Files – Episode 8

Some say it was meant to be that Bossa – the lead singer and oldest member of the Bossa Blue Cats (BBC’s)– formed the band.

Times were hard and comforts were scarce for Bossa as he struggled to live alone in the family home once filled with love and human care. But with his owners away and awaiting divorce and the home up for sale Bossa spent most of his days strumming his 3 stringed mouse tail guitar for company. His voice was deep and soulful due to a permanently sore throat he’d acquired in the cold dark endless winter he found himself in.

One icy rain lashing evening Bossa was singing the blues like only blue cats can  with meaning – tales of love lost; of longings of the heart and of tragedies of the tame turning wild and feral when abandoned – he was likened to the “sea sick Steve” of the cat world! suddenly there was a crashing at the cat flap that nearly sent Bossa head first into his water dish in fright. Not one to shrink back, he puffed up his tail and growled low and menacing at the flap. Nothing! Not a murmur came back! Just as he put his best paw forward to check outside, two spiky wet grey heads pushed through the flap with two pairs of large orange eyes! Before Bossa had a chance to do anything else there was a hissing and spitting and a pushing and shoving all in one go – then two young English Blue Cats appeared like drowned rats before him! His first reaction was to let out his long loud baritone Meeee oooooow! Which meant – “Stand at the ready -pawsey cuffs prepared!” but the fight or flight challenge was diffused by a harmonising duet of “meow meow meow!” – or “yeah yeah yeah !” to me and you!! Well! Bossa didn’t know what to do next! As if it mattered because the youngsters had it all planned and went on to do a dance routine and rap song that powerfully expressed all their sad short life experiences after being abandoned by their owners who had moved home and left them to fend for themselves – and how the soulful singing they had listened too many times from Bossas’ cat flap had given them a new hope for some kind of future! As you can imagine, that sealed it in the bag for Bossa – they would be his new backing singers/dancers in the newly formed Bossa Blue Cats …and the rest is history..

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The Tabacatti Mean Machine ..

Tabatino Files Episode 7

Tabatino stood frozen to the spot as his eyes flowed over the gleaming tabby appareled Tabacatti TT 1200 custom made mean machine sitting in the middle of the garage floor. Rossi had created the ultimate dream! “This two wheeled demon can accelerate to 100 miles an hour in 3 seconds flat..!” He heard Rossi saying as he was reeling off the specs’; but Tabby’s mind was in the dream,  and was already taking the bike out through the streets, feeling the wind whip his whiskers back over his cheeks as the machine roared beneath him…. it was everything he could have wanted – and more!

Where’s the key?” he said to Rossi as he strode over to touch the magnificent beast. Rossi handed him a 22 carat gold platinum lined cat paw shaped object- no bigger than a 2 pound coin. It had a diamond in the centre of each side and fitted into the hole that looked out of place on top of the ‘cat juice’ tank!…

Meanwhile upstairs in the Bicardi club the heat was on as The Bossa Blue Cats performed their debut track – ‘Ferals across the Mersy’…..

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Investigations halted. Somethings hidden away…

Tabatino Files  Episode Six.

A few weeks had passed since Black Cap had attacked Tabatino and the investigations had come to a halt as the culprit could not be found for interrogation. Tabatino was back to his old self; his wounds had healed nicely and he was feeling particularly “chipper” on this warm sunny evening as he strolled into Club Bicardi for the first time since the fight.

Pudentino Rossi pulled him to one side as he pushed through the welcome back party, then without a word jested towards the basement exit that led to the underground vaults. With a quick nod to Catchem, Tabatino followed Rossi down the dark winding tunnel, passing many openings until they reached two large doors heavily pud locked. Once opened they disappeared inside and the doors slammed heavily behind them. Pudentino struck the cold wall with his sharp claw to make a flame that lit three large torches simultaneously, which in turn revealed a large garage neatly stacked to the sides with every kind of mechanical tool; – but it was the centre of the room that Tabatino had his eyes fixed…..

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